Superior Custom Built Security Doors

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Custom Built Security Doors

Barrier Integrated Systems special performance custom built safe room doors are available in various configurations and materials to meet multiple high performance characteristics. Our safe room doors can be used for personal security and gun room applications, and any place where blast, ballistic and forced entry security is required.

Our security experts at Barrier Integrated Systems will help you specify the perfect safe room doors for your door assembly. All our doors are also bullet, fire and blast resistant.

Safe Room Security Doors

Some of the capabilities of our security doors are blast resistance 29 psi, ballistic resistance UL Level 8, UL fire rating 3 hour, 90 minute, and 450 degree temperature rate of rise. These security doors also pass ASTM1450-12a (door assembly impact load test, door static load test, door rack test, and door edge crush test).

Our safe room doors are designed, engineered, and fabricated with custom multipoint locking hardware to meet your special safety requirements.

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safe room doors by Barrier Integrated Systems

Blast Resistance Blast performance 29 psi for a duration of 5.0 milliseconds
UL Design 752 Ballistic Resistance Level 8
HMMA 863-04 Standard Test Methods for Detention Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
ASTM F1450-12a Standard test Methods for Detention Hollow Metal Swinging Door Assemblies

• Door Assembly Impact Load Test
• Door Static Load Test
• Door Rack Test
• Door Edge Crush Test
ASTM 1592-01 Removable Glazing Stop Test
UL Fire Rated 3 Hour, 90 Minute, and 45 Minute
UL 10C Positive Pressure test for Fire Rated Doors
UL 10B Neutral Pressure test for Fire Rated Doors
NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives
NFPA 101
NFPA 5000
450 (degree symbol) Temperature Rise Rating
NFPA 105 Smoke Door Assemblies
Thermal Movement 0.01"
ANSI/UL 1784 Air Leakage tests of Door Assemblies


Barrier Integrated Systems is a ballistic, blast and safe room protection security door company that specializes in highly durable bullet resistant, blast resistant and fire-rated doors, for a variety of security functions. Our security doors are forced-entry, ballistic and blast resistant, and UL fire-rated. We will also offer specialized hardware for assembly of our security doors, as well as certified installation services.

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